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7: Simple SEO strategies to be found by your clients online

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Jamie Davison, Founding Partner at Carbon Group, Accountants and Bookkeepers in WA, joins the Marketing Crunch Podcast to give insight into how his business successfully implements solid SEO strategies to attract new clients and generate new business.


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A common misconception with SEO is that you need to either be an expert in SEO, or hire the expert to implement a sound SEO strategy for your firm. Often, it’s quite the opposite and you don’t need to be the expert at all to have a basic SEO strategy, you just need to ensure you are targeting the right keywords and producing content using those keywords. SEO basically demands keywords, and content means using those keywords.


In this episode, Jamie Davison and Tys Cobb talk about:

  • How Carbon Group have implemented solid SEO strategies to attract clients to the firm and how this is all done in house
  • What ROI Carbon Group are receiving from AdWords campaigns
  • How things like content optimisation and a content calendar has helped Carbon Group step up their SEO game and how you can to.

Join us on this week’s episode and enjoy the marketing magic.

Simple SEO strategies to be found by your clients online


  • [2:06] – Jamie Davison provides some insight into the story of Carbon Group and the firm’s ‘sweet spot’.
  • [3:35] – Let’s find out why Carbon Group decided to put a strong focus on marketing to attract potential clients to the firm over relying on referrals and word of mouth.
  • [4:07] – How does marketing compliment Carbon Group’s referral strategy?
  • [5:29] – What SEO techniques Carbon Group are using to attract traffic to the website, starting with the content they are producing.
  • [8:33] – Carbon Group focus a good portion of the budget on AdWords. Let’s find out what ROI this has produced.
  • [10:15] – Why doesn’t Carbon Group focus any energy or budget on print collateral and traditional techniques?
  • [10:52] – Jamie takes us through some marketing magic that has been implemented into the business that he is particularly proud of.
  • [11:43] – What is Carbon Group’s biggest marketing BOO BOO?
  • [13:10] – Overall, how has focussing more on marketing improved Carbon Group’s business growth?
  • [15:06] – CRUNCH TIME!
  • [18:14] – Your top takeaways from this episode





SEO makes the demands, and content satisfies those demands. It’s like a conversation between two people where SEO is asking to do one thing, and your content says, “yes I’ll do that for you”. A lot of people think that SEO is a separate thing, and therein lies the common misconception that SEO is something you either need to outsource or spend a lot of money on. To know how to do SEO, you need to know what keywords to target and how relevant they are to your ideal client, then create compelling content that includes these keywords, thus increasing your search rankings based on what your ideal clients are searching for on the web.



It’s called Search Engine Optimization for a reason. You need to ensure all the content you create is optimized for SEO so you then have more chances of ranking in search results. You need to ensure you have the correct optimization of images, meta tags and descriptions, page titles and so on. So, we aren’t just talking about your blogs … your internal website pages, homepage and about us page are just as important when it comes to optimizing your content. If you don’t know how to do this in your website’s CMS, jump onto Google and search for ways to do so, or get in touch with someone you know who is savvy with website content management systems like WordPress.



This is one of the most useful tools to help with successful content marketing. Put simply, a content calendar is a monthly plan of all the content you are doing to create indicating the keywords you are going to use in that content, who is going to be the author, what format the content will be in, and what date it is going to be published. Build this spreadsheet on Google Docs, give your entire business access to this calendar, and make sure someone is holding contributors accountable for their content to ensure a consistent delivery to your audience. Again, jump onto Google and search for “content calendar template”, there are plenty of resources on the web to help you get started.


These 3 takeaways and actions are quite simple to implement. SEO doesn’t need to be this big scary thing. There really is nothing stopping you from implementing a sound SEO strategy with the tools available to you today. Just spend a little bit of time researching your keywords and what your ideal clients searching for on the web, then ensure you are using these keywords and search terms throughout your content.

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